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Hello and welcome to this very unupdated LiveJournal of mine. I mostly hang around here for lolita comm sales, yep.

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On-going sales
Pictures are as they are in my wardrobe, with or without all parts. If asked I'll take photos including all. Proof of ownership is the floral bedspread and teddybear. Both will be in any extra pictures too.)
As I have a short-haired housecat I will send anything sold to dry cleaning before shipping the items. The items are otherwise clean, so if you do not mind or will send them to dry cleaning yourself, tell me and I can ship them out immediately after payment.
  1. Metamorphose Temps de Fille Tartan set (headbow, jacket, skirt, removable waist bands for both skirt and jacket) - I'm the third owner, it apparently has a stain, but I can't find it. 1250 SEK + shipping
  2. Altered Anna House blouse (neck straps removed, removable chest bow) - I'm the first owner, only used ones, no stains - 200 SEK + shipping
  3. Montreal shoes (black) - Used. Considerably worn heal and some damage. Size EU36. First owner. 100 SEK + Shipping
  4. Vintage boots (leather) - Used, but in very good condition. Size EU37. Handed down to me by my mother. 200 SEK + Shipping
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Terms and conditions

Sales terms and conditions
- Completely smoke-free.
- PayPal and Bank transfer (Sweden and some banks in Finland only)
- Prices are in SEK and include PayPal fees! (Bank transfer fees are not included.)
- I ship from Sweden and shipping from Sweden is always expensive. I will offer different shipping options to the buyer to choose from.
- First come, first serve. This does not include inquires though.
- I can hold items up to 2 weeks with a non-refundable deposit of 10%.
- I can consider payment plans.
- I want payment within 48 hours after invoice is sent. (If paid through bank transfer, you can either show receipt from bank or screenshot of an Internet bank transfer as proof.)
- I ship internationally.
- Shipping will be done after items have been dried-clean a final time, because I have a cat. Dry-cleaning before sale is crazy, because fur ends up everywhere, even in the storage room that is separated from the apartment. The buyer may request that I send them immediately though, as the items are otherwise clean.
- I am not responsible for damaged or lost packages.
- I try to give as accurate measurements as possible, if I can't find the pieces at lolibrary.
- No return or refund.
- I'm not responsible for custom fees and I don't write down value.
- Proof of ownership always include my floral bedspread and a teddy bear from Power Park in Finland (does not apply for shoes):

Buy/trade terms and conditions
- No smoker homes.
- Home of pets with fur is A-OK.
- I only do bank transfer to Swedish bank accounts.
- I will tell if there is any delay in payment.
- Seller/trader has to tell if there will be a delay in shipping.
- I acknowledge that seller/trader aren't responsible if package is damage or lost. In case the package gets lost I will want proof that it has been sent if it doesn't have a tracking number.


This is a very straight forward wishlist. The first section (first cut) is a list of traits that can be helpful if you want to trade with or sell to me. Cuts afterwards are pieces I specifically want. Final cut is items that can easily be sold even if off-brand. Examples may or may not be available.

Feedback can be found here and here.

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